1 shot

1 shot

posted on: May 23, 2005

© 2009 Zachary Doob

i brought my camera to the art store again. this is the first shot of another little series.

in other news, i finally bought a dvd player. julie hadn't seen any of the star wars films, so i figured this was a good time to get one. we wanted to rent episodes 1 and 2, then see 3 in the theater, then rent 4, 5, and 6. we couldn't get the first 2, so we decided to watch them in the order they were made. after watching star wars and empire strikes back, i was so psyched about having a dvd player. then, half way through return of the jedi, the disc stopped. the whole dvd player froze. i had to actually unplug it and wait for a bunch of crap before i could look for the chapter where we left off. of course, it froze up again. i had to repeat the process and decide to skip about 15 minutes of the movie (ewok stuff - no big deal).

there was a scratch on the disc (lots actually) and it was a frustrating pain in the ass. who wants to have to fiddle with crap for 15 minutes half way through a movie? does this happen a lot? do i have to inspect the dvd before i rent it? i never had a problem like this with VHS.

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