posted on: April 24, 2005

© 2009 Zachary Doob

i was on my way to shoot some more osprey action when i walked through a setup for a party - a "dentist drunkathon" as i was told by the coordinator. it was outside on the terrace of john ringling's estate and the sun was beaming down on these glasses. after i took the shot, someone came over to me and asked what it was i saw that she didn't.

it's interesting how photographers really do see things that other people may not. to me, this was a moment waiting to be photographed. to her, it was just a pile of glasses waiting to be used. before i found a passion for making images, i doubt i would've noticed it either. i'm sure i walk by thousands of opportunities each day that go unrealized.

i guess everyone has their own way of seeing things - and that's what makes photography so amazing. you get to see how other people see.


check out this photo.